Thursday, December 1, 2011

pusat hemodialisis nour

alhamdulillah,susah payah mama n baba berhasil jgk
akhirnye,weeks after hari raya,pusat hemodialisis NOUR da bermule...
rse bgge tu,tgk nme sndri kat board hik3 (well,xdela nme pnuh,nme depan je,n yes,nme sye start NOUR,pelikss much??)

working in a dialysis center is a bit of a shock for me cz da terbiase kje kat dalam wad hospital
its really frustrating cz i've got to start learning AGAIN from the start
mcm mse mule2 awl sem 1 dlu,cmne nk jge pt la,nk prepare heparin,n etc
with mama n baba as my boss,dont be fooled,mama lg mnakutkn dri baba
she's like my new CI yg sentiase monitor n nmpk wat im doing even dri jauh
tu stress jgk tu..haih...

for the first few weeks,little by little patient masuk..
alhamdulillah,dlm mse bpe bulan patient dah mule penuh..
skrg 2nd shift nk penuh dah,insyaallah n yea!!

d weird thing is,people especially patient relatives,knows me as my mother daughter
not as a staffnurse,it's a bit annoying really
ad sum1 tanye if i already finishes my spm..what the???
ak taula ak ni awet mude...tlgla..penat blaja 3 thun tu..

right now im learning a lot of things,yes seriously dis kinda thing never ends
im starting from learning how to use the machines,our center machines uses touchscreen..tekan2 je hah!
nk pasang bloodline,smbung ke pt,cucuk patient..n etc..tired -__-"
im planning on taking my post basic after 2 years of working and hopefully smbung degree
cz if nk smbung degree pn nursing course kne ad 2 years experience..leceh but mmg ptut
hopefully 1day i will nme NOUR  ni berkembang,insyaallah.. =)