Sunday, December 27, 2009


jz break up (again)
both of us knew it will came eventually..
both of us scared of being alone after break up
both of us lying 2 ourselves about loving each other.
been breaking on n off dis past 2 years..

i dnt know y iz zit so hard..
ak rse susa nk lpskn dy cz..
well,myb cz ad pasl a bit bout her ex n my ego
susa2 ak dfend laki ni
pas2 turns out dy yg tpu ak rupnye..(i know,ak pathetic)
its a long story..ak pn da mls nk cter
ak admit in a relationship both side kne  bkrbn,communicate,bla,bla,bla,bla....
well it hard,n even i try hard,it doesnt seem enough
rite now ak x rse nk jump in2 any relationship
even da ad yg twrkn dri (cewah2..he3..=p )
but after dis
i jz wanna take it slow..
xyah knlkn dgn family n kwn2..
cz based on my past experience
it will came back 2 u
xyah nk expect ap2..
cpl jz 4 fun
well,pd dy i sincerely mnx maaf..
gudluck in ur life.

high heels


yeah myb when im in d-trying-all-d-things phase
like make up,dresses,especially d high heels..
myb bcause im a lil bit short (dem) i wanted 2 b a bit taller.

d first time i wore it,it killing me..
after dat,im getting use 2 it..
2 pn cz time orientasi kt kolej kne pki bnde 2 tiap2 ari
but after d practical month arriving..
6am - 2 pm standing d whole time in d ward
 i still can stand it in morning shift
but at the night shift..
d time seems to move much more slooooower than usual...
kaki ak sakit gle!!
n im wearing shoes!!

after dat,ble ak try pki high heels
it damn much..

after dat,ak agk x pki la bnde 2..
agk lme jgk..
but after dat,mama bought me a clarks high heels..
d sole is soft,tapak dy comfortable..
i wear it untill sparuh hncur bnde 2..
it so sad..
tpkse la ak opt 2 wedges..
hmm..bgus gak..ak bleh blari-lari..
even agk woobly..

*ps/dis post sucks!
owh n 2 my fren yg bce blog ak,thanx,but pls leave ur comnt kt cni je,insteadt of korg cmnt trus kt ak pd bsknye n yes,org xde blog pn bleh cmnt my dearest..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

dedicated specially 2 my OLDER sister.kui3..

24 yrs already??
aiiyooo,suda tua akk ku ini.. pngai still kebudakkn lg..
dis post is specially 2 talk about wat i most remember n love about her 4 dis past years n years..

act,xde la igt pape sgt,cz she mainly mmg xde rumh..
time skola rndh,ak skola lain,dy skola lain..
drjh 6 je dy msauk skola sme ngn ak
then form 1,dy msuk skola asrama..until form 5
at dat time wat i remember is,she came back home 4 school holiday,or
kteorg pg skola dy myb every saturday
shopping 2 buy her food stocks..(which she call it tid bits??,1 trolly pnuh tid bits ea?)
then d parting,salm n bye2..x sdey pn,,lg 2,3 mggu dtg lg..ha3..

after dat form 6 n a short time dkt uia
still blurr..(seriously)
n rite now,she studying abroad..
igt lg first time anta kt klia..
pasni msti susa nk jmpe dy..
turns out,tiap2 bln 7 dy blik n bln ap lg dy blik ea??? (blurr)
kt fb jmpe dy.kt ym pn sme,even she haunted my phone!!
xpe la,syg akk pnye pasl..(0_0)

when she came home..
its d usual..
mama n baba pick her up at d airport..
xpun pndi2 dy blik jb sndri..
but the first thing she says when she step into the house is..
'sephnye rumh,korg x kms rumh ke??'
pdahl dy x unpack brg2 dy lg 2..
then it all started..kms blik,bsuh tndas,kms dapur,susun baju n ect,ect,ect....
then tlg dy unpack smbil cri stuff dat she bought 4 us..(ni yg best!!)
but wat i most love 2 do ble dy blik is kaco dy mlm2 dlm blk dy ngn adik ak..
kluar dgn dy g jaln2..ha3..lyn la kteorg..
time ko xde ak lyn sutung sorg2 time cuti..
tgk dy kne dre jd driver baba,mama n sutung..
ap lg ek??

all in all..
i lap her(hmm???)
even ad gado2..biase r 2..
sorry la xde present tuk ko..
ak anta gne app kt fb je nk??
anyway,happy birthday 2 nurul nadiah hanan!! yay!! (tpuk2)

                                                                       d besday girl!

Monday, December 14, 2009

without my phone..

ap yg korg rse ble ttgal hpn korg?

x tng?
asyik trdgr bunyik hpn korg?

asyik trase vibrate je poket sluar even xde pape pn kat c2?


2la ak's like hell..

start like dis..
ak nk kne pg bli tiket bas n kne nek teksi
(sadly enough yep,ak xde lesen kete lg)

n at dat time,ak tpk xyah la bwk hpn..kjp je lgpun..
x smpi 2 jam..
ak thn teksi n naek..

d first 5 minutes,ak xde rse pape,rilek2..

then suddenly,it dawns in my mind..

kalo jd sumting,cmne ak nk mnx tlg?

like x ckup duit?cmne nk call baba??

ad org jht kja ak? (paranoid much??)

the horrible list keeps going on n on in my mind..

my hand trus pg ke poket jeans nk amek hpn

eh MNE HPN AK???!!!

the whole way nk prgi ke terminal 2 ak mkin rse x tng..

cz jaln jem,n it longer than i expected n time nk dkt mlm..

huwaaa,npe la ak baik sgt tgglkn hpn kt rumh!!!

akhirnye,ak smpi jge terminal,then rumh dgn slmtnye..

as it turns i starred at my phone dat night..

ak x bwk hpn je,npe ak rse truk gle??

pdahal zmn dlu2 mse xde hpn,ak ok je grk sne sni..

then ak tsdr yg,myb la,jz myb (xnk ngaku lg 2!!) i depended 2 much on my hpn..

really it sucks..

yela,xde hpn kjp da rse mcm nk gle..

im not saying it bad 2 have a hpn,but depending on it to much smpi x brani nk face d outside world without it?? kinda truk..


so,rite now,im challenging myself 2 dis..

1 week without my hpn!!!

eekss,time ni pn ak ltk hpn ak kt tpi so dat it will b near me all d time..

BOLE KE AK WAT NI??  -__-"