Wednesday, December 8, 2010


bgun pg td....gosok2 mate..kwan ak dtg mnjerit2 suh bgn n mkn..
mamai2..g depan n duk ats meje...
n there's something there...

uiks...pbnde ni???
garu2 kpale....amek 1 belek2..pegang2..siap bau lg..
bau cm familiar...hmm....
tgk kiri knn..kwn2 ak mkn slmber dak jek...satu2 dyeorg mkn..
garu2 kpale lg...
tgk kwn ak sengih2..then tnye.."ko npe fad?''
ak pun jwb la..''pbnde ni?"
x pasal2 la ak kne gelak rmai2..aiyooo..kuang asam jawa tul!!!

kwn ak ckp "hah tau pun,tule asam jawa,tu la ko,slame ni tgk dalam peket fresh dri pokok tau? tu yg wat muke jakun jek eh??"

owhhhhhhhh...........asam jawa fresh dri pokok....
sumpah x tau!!!!
n harini,ak officially jd bhn lawak kwn2 ak..xpe2...!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


dis post is specially dedicated to all public toilet users...
it's really,really,really sucks and annoying and DISGUSTING to see a tissue FLOATING in the TOILET BOWL!!
come on people!!
where is ur sense? or i dont know..basic thinking??
a toilet bowl is a toilet bowl!!
a trash can is a trash can, where u put a trash or rubbish or sampah!! okay? phm x?

dat is a place where u THROW ur used tissue that been used to wipe ur private part.nobody wants to see it's floating and that thing staring at their faces when they used the toliet. UGHH!!!

and even worse sumtimes certain people doesnt even bother to flushed the toilet....

i dont know what happen these days..
it's not dat hard to flush a toilet,to throw away that tissue..right?
or am i wrong?
for u who had already done this..picture this..
ur own toilet in ur home...people use it and left without flushing and left the used tissue in your toilet bowl?
like dat picture??
y dont u..u seem to be like doing it..dont u like ur own toilet been treated like dat too?

well if you dont..
keep in mind dat OTHER PEOPLE HATE IT TOO!!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i was bored n reading cleo


it's really2 great..and 1 shop caught my attention!! (clickity - clicks!)

i luuhuv it!!! yaaaaayyy!!

i was browsing,looking at really2 cute and affordable price bracelets..
suddenly i stumble into this..

i really love it!!! cuz it hard to find a dragonfly necklace!!

dear..if u read this..please buy it for me!!! 0_0

another thing i love about is we can requested a remake any SOLD OUT items!!

it was really thoughtful,cuz from the way i see it,their products is unique and more importantly cute!!

wouldn't want to miss what u want  dont you??


  i just came back from genting..

its really cold there!! brrrr (musim ujan right now!) -_-

really,at 3's raining and we cant play's really sucks!!

it,s funny..cuz 3 days earlier i was spending my time in bed cuz of a cold dat make  me suspected having a dengue fever!!! uiii... -_-

i've missed 3 days of practical ( HATE IT)

hahahaha..its my first time being on my own from kuantan to kl

i know..maybe reading this make u raise up ur eyebrows skeptically or making the i-cant-believe-there-a-people like-this-anymore face..right?

what can i say guys...

im not that type of person that can travel alone,im sucks at memorizing places and direction,im getting scared easily..

my sis want me to take the lrt cuz she doesnt want to get stuck in jam having to pick me up at std bkt.jalil..
OMG!!! harapan la!!!

i am 100% sure i will lost..hahahaha!! (please make that face again)

but,i know that 1 day im gonna need to overcome all this..

but not right now!! 0-0

here's a few pics!!

                                      gorgeous gurl..tehehehehe!!

                                                              owh mr.clown!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BED HEAD TIGI control freak

                                                   my hair big helper <3!!

i had my hair rebonded a few months back 
n i've been searching how to maintain the straightness of my hair cuz i love the way i can manage my hair (at last!)
rather than using  just the oil that the saloon gave me..
i've found the  BED HEAD TIGI control freak!!
at first im not convinced..
hair straightening shampoo??
but because im desperate (4 my hair),i bought it
it's a bit hard to find the whole range of this because it's only available at sasa and second not all products is being sold..
it had 4 steps..

1.CONTROL FREAK Shampoo Frizz Control & Straightener
2.CONTROL FREAK Conditioner Frizz Control & Straightener
3.CONTROL FREAK Serum Frizz Control & Straightener
4.CONTROL FREAK Extra Extra Straight Hair Straightener

i've been searching for the hair serum untill now!!
aside that,i tried the feels like a styling gel..i can see and feel my hair straighter but a bit coarse after using it.
then i applied the hair conditioner,my hair felt smoother~ ~ ~ 0_0

all in all,this products is awesome!
i really love it,really worth it!!
only the scent is not to my liking even if it's not to powerful,i like my hair smelling nice,dont u?
im sorry there's no picture of my hair before and after..
but believe me..u'll love it =)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


yeah guys...i am...
well not yet,still studying to be it
n im gonna be freakin awesome at it!!!
my frens were all shocked when they knew about it..
im not the same gurl like in high school time ok??
my friends gave me an idea to blog about my practical experience..when going to places that i never ever imagined going..
right now,im at felda lepar hilir 2..wait for it ok u guys? =)

                                                                    x caye lg?? :p

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I like shillings..
need them to do my laundry..
handy when the cashier at the shop ask "xde 30 sen ke dik?"
used to scratch my topup cards..
but the thing dat i hate bout them is..they r really HEAVY in my purse..
it makes my pants bulky..dooh..

and what save me???

                                                     my name is sergeant keroro!!

i've been feeding him shillings everyday untill now...see,his burping?
he was happy and heavy little froggy..hehehehe...
*hmm...wondering how much in there right now...

can u believe b'liv??

the answer is YES my dearest!!!!

i've been searching all products to help me with my bumpy nose..
eeeuu..i hate touching my own nose..T~T

i read about b'liv in magazines n been saving up money to buy it
it was worth the wait
i bought a set cuz at dat time they we're having a promotion
i 've got ''off with those head''
it helps fight off blackhead n whitehead that cause my nose bumpy
after 1 week u've got noticeably smooth nose 

                                                       I REALLY THIS BABY!!

the second 1 is ''oil leviate''

this one really helps me kept my oily skin matte through the day 

i've got the face scrub ''squeaky clean'' ''sorry theres no picture of it cuz i already used up all mine..hehehe~~
it really x3 great!! i love to use it every morning and night cuz the smell is minty and juz perk u up!
my face also felt clean and refreshed everytime after using it =)

after that,i add this sweet little pink into the trio ''spots got shot''

this stuff is wonderful!! a little dab at my pimple,the next morning,i noticed its getting smaller and after a few days it dried up,and holla,dissappeared!!!

i really love this products,i want to try their moisturizer after this
a bit downside to this is it a bit to pricey
but,i tell you,its TOTALLY WORTH IT!! =)
*dis products is available only at sasa

 ooh,totally forgot.. this is the official page of b'liv at fb                  

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sem 5!!

 da sem 5!!!!!!

sile layn mantul ak
harap maap..

Monday, May 17, 2010

bakar - membakar,panggang memanggang = perut kenyang (0_0)

dis is not seoul garden
cme mngisi mse terluang yg trlalu byk mse praktikal...(xde patient)
aktiviti bbq amatlah dsukai..
dsmping dpt ponteng keje (knun2 bz prepare bbq),kteorg dapt mkn ala2 vegas style gitu!!
all-u-can -eat,eat-till-u-drop buffet cmtula..

so,like any other acare bbq..
duit itu penting,budget bli makann,minuman,u say it..
ala2 nk bukk kdai makn la..
CI kteorg.. pn teeeeeetttt..ekekekeke..
ps:dy yg teruje lbih nk wat bnde ni

akak2 JM,serte org kg..(seyes kne jmput,nnt kte ap lak kn?)
+ suami dyeorg,ank2 dyeorg..

nasebla,org kg ni syg kt kteorg..he3..byk brg dsponsor..thankx to all d pakcik-pakciks.

first stage (shopping!)

yes..kje dyeorg berposing shaje..


second stage 

ha3..yg monenngeng d tepi tu..ak la.. (0-0)

dis is wat we call outdoor cooking!! la hasilnye..

maafla,xde pic time tga bakar2..kualiti pic yg sgt teruk!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

miss u..

i missed the look in your eyes..
the sincerity in your words..
the warmth in your touch..
the kindness you given me..
the care you show for me..
the love you given me..
our good memories..
of all the things..your heart..
even if you say it...
i cant feel it..
it's so far away..for someone else..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

angels cry

I shouldn't have walked away
I would've stayed if you said
We could've made everything OK
But we just
Threw the blame back and forth
We treated love like a sport
The final blow hit so low
I'm still on the ground

I couldn't have prepared myself for this fall
Shattered in pieces curled on the floor
Super natural love conquers all
'Member we used to touch the sky

Lightning don't strike
The same place twice
When you and I said goodbye
I felt the angels cry
True love's a gift
We let it drift
In a storm
Every night
I feel the angels cry

C'mon babe can't our love be revived
Bring it back and we gon' make it right
I'm on the edge just tryin' to survive
As the angels cry

I thought we'd be forever and always
You were serenity
You took away the bad days
Didn't always treat you right
But it was OK
I do somethin' stupid
And you still stay with me

But you can only go for so long
Doing the one you claim to love wrong
Before too much is enough
You look up
Find your love gone

We were so good together
How come we could not weather
This storm and just do better
Why did we say goodbye

'Cause lightning don't strike
The same place twice
When you and I said goodbye
I felt the angels cry
True love's a gift
We let it drift
In a storm
Now every night
I feel the angels cry

C'mon babe can't our love be revived
Bring it back and we gon' make it right
I'm on the edge just tryin' to survive
As the angels cry

Baby I'm missin' you
Don't allow love to lose
We gotta ride it through
I'm reaching for you

Baby I'm missin' you
Don't allow love to lose
We gotta ride it through
I'm reaching for you

Lightning don't strike
The same place twice
When you and I said goodbye
I felt the angels cry
True love's a gift
But we let it slip
In a storm
Every night
I feel the angels cry

Oh babe, the angels cry

Sunday, February 28, 2010


setelah skian lame bintngku..
ak tiada sbrg coretan hndak dcoretkn..
maafkn ak la ye..
tuanmu ini bz...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

mri berDIET!!!

npe ak wat pkataan DIET ni dlm hruf bsr??
pasl,DIET ni mmbri impact yg bsr dalm hidup,especially ntuk prmpuan..
laki?? ha3..(sbb ak gelak,tpkse drhsiakn)

smpene thn bru ni..
my friends all around me bwt azam bru nk DIET
so day n night,time ngn dyeorg,ak dgr ayt tu je..
if 1 of us (me dat is..) ajk mkn or bnde2 yg bkaitn dgn makann..

"fad,kteorg tgh DIET ni,xnkla"
its really bumming me out..
yg ak dgr,ap dyeorg mkn,pg jog stiap ptg,ikat perut jz mkn roti n biskut..
i jz want 2 scream n shout,saying ni bkn DIET,dis is STARVING URSELF 2 DEATH!
seriously korg..
roti n biskut everyday??

im not saying,yg ak ni perfectly healthy..
or having a perfectly lean body..
in fact,im a bit chubby rite now..
but starving n doing a CRASH DIET isn't gonna work..
ak ckp ngn korg,msing2 wat bodo..
in fact,ak rse la,myb ad yg pk ak nyibuk..
kalo korg da jtuh pgsan kt mne2,nasib korg la..
bg nasiht xnk dgr..
thn makn biskut n roti,then ari jumaat time pasr mlm..
masing2 bli mkann,sorg nk dkt 5 plastik pgg..
so is dat going 2 work??
ak jz tsnyum sinis (btul ni!) n diam je la..

sumtimes,when kte da bg nasiht,cz risau..n they ignored,we just had 2 stay out of it after dat..
biar sdr mistakes dyeorg sndri bwt..

so,klau ad spe2 yg tpk nk berDIET nk kruskn bdn..
take a safe way.jgn sekse bdn sndri..
untill in the end,u didnt gained anything from it
kn mmbazir 2?
k,nk g mkn,,daa....XOXOXO

Saturday, January 9, 2010

my ideal man

kwn ak tnye ak,boys cmne yg ak suke,harapkn etc,etc,n etc..

1.yg x mnipu,pnipu n x gne
2.yg x ske bndingkn dgn gurl len
3.who respects me bcuz of me
4.byk duet..(ha3)
5.a little unexpected
6.yg pndai pjuk,n bkn wat bodo lps gado,even 2 sala dy
7.hmm..need more?ntah la,kalo 1 day,when i meet d 1,myb i knew it.



im not really a people person
but,when other people nice 2 me,i'll treat them nicely as return..
adil la kn?

ni junior ak lg sorg..
bnde ni jd time ak sem 3..
first time parents dy anta..
mak dy da ckp
jgekn ank makcik ea,dy mnje skit (skit??) ank bongsu..
well,ak time 2 da tbiase parents acting like dat,dri sem2 duk nymbut jr je..
jz nod n smile politely n jwb,ye makcik..
i dnt expect her daughter would b really2 spoiled!
as it turns out,she was a bit older than me around 21 myb..
bg ak,kalo stakt tue 2,3 thn dri ak,ak xkn pgil akk,unless 4 me,she is really worth it nk dberi gelaran akk 2.

"nk pgil ap ye,pasl sy lg tue dri awk tau.."

start ayt tu kuar dri mulut dy,ak snyum nk ckp

"xyah la pgil akk2,kte lbih kurg sme je,n awk 2 jr sye..rse plik lak.."
then after dat,mkin kuar pngai mnje dy 2

she confronted me,dat i've been hogging the fan by myself
sket je kne dy or kdg2 x rse lgsg..
ske duk luar blik,then kuar msuk,nk amek brg,nk amek bntal etc,etc,etc..
ak x ksa kalo 2,3 bole dlm nk dkt 10 kali,,annoying gle!!
time dy br make-up or wateva,msti tgal ksn kt lntai,lg2 bedak (dat y,kteorg pgil dy budak bedak)
time gado ngn pakwe dy,jerit2 cm histeria..
once,dy pna pgg pisau smbil jrit2 kt hpn
(x ke gle 2?) ni yg kteorg xleh thn sgt..

i confronted her back..(nicely ok?)
dy pnye jrit time 2..
korg xkn dpt bygkn
hilg pngai mnje ngn knon2 lmh lmbut dy 2..
d whole house n house next door cn hear her

ak x hormt dy la
1 rumh ni x hormat dy
sume org pijak paler dy,even dy brlmbut ngn sume org (???)
ak jz tdiam cz xtau nk ckp ap
yg ak tnye,ko ad masalah ke ngn ak?
yg dy jwb pnye la byk..
last2,with a really nice word dat is B***I
she slammed d door n bla g mne2 dy nk bla..
mlm tu,sume org tnye ak npe..
n ak cter la
turns out,rupenye2,ngn dak jr len pn dy tga gado..
bnde kcik je
but she really make a big deal bout it..
so,kteorg da pakat2 da ,mls nk lyn pngai dy yg MNJE 2..

ko blik r umh mak ko 2,duk kepit bwh ktiak dy,suh dy suap ko mkn,bli kipas thp bsr gaban tuk ko sorg,x puas ati bli ekon trus (tgh lps grm ni)

then after dat,dy pnda umh makcik dy
slmt bjaye la makcik ak doakn..
but now,dga cite dy nk pnda blik msuk umah ak..
ha3.ak agk makcik dy pn x tlarat nk lyn pngai dy..
watch out la,ak nk tgk bpe lme plk ko dpt thn duk uma ak..WAHAHAHAHA!!

cre2 ak study

dis has been an issue among my roomate
junior dat is..
tp x brani nk ckp dpn ak,jz ktuk blkg2.. x mtg mmg cm2..
pdahal org yg dgr dyeorg ktuk ak 2 la,g citer blik kt ak..
wakakaka,lawak gle..

so cmni la,let me explain..
whenever i study..
my laptop is always on..
bukk ap2 cter pn,asalkn ad bunyi n bkn total silence surrounding me..
pki earphone..
bukak buku..
n study..
so,dyeorg kinda x puas ati ngn ak (ak pn x tau la npe,knk2 riang,bia je la)
bdsrkn informant ak,dyeorg kte ak x study pn,poyo je lbey,nk tnjuk ad laptop
(seriously,mcm org bodoh lg bole x korg ni??

d thing is..
i cant, like other people,study straight4ward ngadap buku..
like a nerd..yg nk dapt pgkt DEKAN (sorry!)
i cant b really stressed out when im studying,only focus 2 d book,without nothing 2 distract me.
kalo cm2,mmg korg xkn nmpk ak study la..
time 2 nk ktuk2 ak,well,b my guest..
i dserve it
but rite now,meh..ak tgk korg je yg rileks..
kt pkwe,ye2,ngadu,prob 2 la,prob ni la,exam susa la..
mmg hampas!