Tuesday, February 8, 2011

welcome to the family baby!!!

i've got this annoying,money consuming habit...hehehehe..

it's called changing-my-handphone-regularly habit..

it's not entirely my fault u know...naah..nope!

blame those phone company that been regularly creating,designing,bla bla-ing new handphone..

seriously..spe yg terer tahan nafsu,x gatal tgn,x rambang mata,x sesak nafas,paler otak x ligat kire2 duit dlm acc bank ngn duit dlm poket nk beli this square shaped gadget?? lg2 skrg ni  blackberry fever and iphone 4 fever sedang melanda..
fuiiyooh...if ade..u deserve my respect! totally!!

okay2,back to my story...welcome to the family Xperia X8!!

right now,i've got about 4 handphone including my new baby

2 of them is just hpn biase2 jer..takat leh msg n call n also my backup phone when my regularly used phone is out of batteries,owh and ade torchlight tau? xyah nk donlod2 apps torchlight,tersedia ade!!

the other 1 is a secret..lalalalala~~~~

hehehe,i've been badgering n begging baba 4 a new phone...tp my lil sis pun nak msuk line skali..pffftt..
naseb baba tga mood nk memberi (membeli,actually)

belek sony X8 dulu,cuz baba suke,then ak lak wat muke x suke..g survey nokia E5..
ermm,kinda tertarik,then i had dis instinct,everytime i made a decision on buying sumthing i'll regret it later 4 sure!

ermm,kne tnye cif penasihat nih!!!

ok,then cif penasihat kate,beli X8 cz hrge lbey kurg n it is an android phone..much more worth it

n thanx to baba dearest (love u lebey la baba!!) i'm the owner of sony xperia x8

at first,i was a bit unsure bout this,but then,when i start godeh2,tekan2,touching2,scrolling2,downloading a huge amount of free apps (awesome!!) n really easy!!!

aaaa,jatuh hati da..only reason to hate this phone is,untill now i cant seem to figure out how to set my mms setting..owh dem..xpela,nnt g celcom center suda..

chillin with my new baby rite now.....

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