Sunday, December 27, 2009


jz break up (again)
both of us knew it will came eventually..
both of us scared of being alone after break up
both of us lying 2 ourselves about loving each other.
been breaking on n off dis past 2 years..

i dnt know y iz zit so hard..
ak rse susa nk lpskn dy cz..
well,myb cz ad pasl a bit bout her ex n my ego
susa2 ak dfend laki ni
pas2 turns out dy yg tpu ak rupnye..(i know,ak pathetic)
its a long story..ak pn da mls nk cter
ak admit in a relationship both side kne  bkrbn,communicate,bla,bla,bla,bla....
well it hard,n even i try hard,it doesnt seem enough
rite now ak x rse nk jump in2 any relationship
even da ad yg twrkn dri (cewah2..he3..=p )
but after dis
i jz wanna take it slow..
xyah knlkn dgn family n kwn2..
cz based on my past experience
it will came back 2 u
xyah nk expect ap2..
cpl jz 4 fun
well,pd dy i sincerely mnx maaf..
gudluck in ur life.

1 comment:

nadia.H said...

dh..just go on wif ur life..xyah dh pk psl die..