Thursday, October 14, 2010

can u believe b'liv??

the answer is YES my dearest!!!!

i've been searching all products to help me with my bumpy nose..
eeeuu..i hate touching my own nose..T~T

i read about b'liv in magazines n been saving up money to buy it
it was worth the wait
i bought a set cuz at dat time they we're having a promotion
i 've got ''off with those head''
it helps fight off blackhead n whitehead that cause my nose bumpy
after 1 week u've got noticeably smooth nose 

                                                       I REALLY THIS BABY!!

the second 1 is ''oil leviate''

this one really helps me kept my oily skin matte through the day 

i've got the face scrub ''squeaky clean'' ''sorry theres no picture of it cuz i already used up all mine..hehehe~~
it really x3 great!! i love to use it every morning and night cuz the smell is minty and juz perk u up!
my face also felt clean and refreshed everytime after using it =)

after that,i add this sweet little pink into the trio ''spots got shot''

this stuff is wonderful!! a little dab at my pimple,the next morning,i noticed its getting smaller and after a few days it dried up,and holla,dissappeared!!!

i really love this products,i want to try their moisturizer after this
a bit downside to this is it a bit to pricey
but,i tell you,its TOTALLY WORTH IT!! =)
*dis products is available only at sasa

 ooh,totally forgot.. this is the official page of b'liv at fb                  

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