Sunday, October 24, 2010

BED HEAD TIGI control freak

                                                   my hair big helper <3!!

i had my hair rebonded a few months back 
n i've been searching how to maintain the straightness of my hair cuz i love the way i can manage my hair (at last!)
rather than using  just the oil that the saloon gave me..
i've found the  BED HEAD TIGI control freak!!
at first im not convinced..
hair straightening shampoo??
but because im desperate (4 my hair),i bought it
it's a bit hard to find the whole range of this because it's only available at sasa and second not all products is being sold..
it had 4 steps..

1.CONTROL FREAK Shampoo Frizz Control & Straightener
2.CONTROL FREAK Conditioner Frizz Control & Straightener
3.CONTROL FREAK Serum Frizz Control & Straightener
4.CONTROL FREAK Extra Extra Straight Hair Straightener

i've been searching for the hair serum untill now!!
aside that,i tried the feels like a styling gel..i can see and feel my hair straighter but a bit coarse after using it.
then i applied the hair conditioner,my hair felt smoother~ ~ ~ 0_0

all in all,this products is awesome!
i really love it,really worth it!!
only the scent is not to my liking even if it's not to powerful,i like my hair smelling nice,dont u?
im sorry there's no picture of my hair before and after..
but believe me..u'll love it =)

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