Wednesday, November 17, 2010


dis post is specially dedicated to all public toilet users...
it's really,really,really sucks and annoying and DISGUSTING to see a tissue FLOATING in the TOILET BOWL!!
come on people!!
where is ur sense? or i dont know..basic thinking??
a toilet bowl is a toilet bowl!!
a trash can is a trash can, where u put a trash or rubbish or sampah!! okay? phm x?

dat is a place where u THROW ur used tissue that been used to wipe ur private part.nobody wants to see it's floating and that thing staring at their faces when they used the toliet. UGHH!!!

and even worse sumtimes certain people doesnt even bother to flushed the toilet....

i dont know what happen these days..
it's not dat hard to flush a toilet,to throw away that tissue..right?
or am i wrong?
for u who had already done this..picture this..
ur own toilet in ur home...people use it and left without flushing and left the used tissue in your toilet bowl?
like dat picture??
y dont u..u seem to be like doing it..dont u like ur own toilet been treated like dat too?

well if you dont..
keep in mind dat OTHER PEOPLE HATE IT TOO!!!


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